Frank Wentz 
President & CEO
Wentz Sales and Design Solutions, LLC
Professional Sales and Design Growth Coach
Council Member GLG (Gerson Lehrman Group)
Furniture ​Industry Expert
In Home
I have hired, trained and coached  a Number ONE In-Home Designer for the past 13 years.  These Designers have won  La-Z-Boy's top Design Award for 13 straight years in their respective Region.  You will learn the art of sketching, putting the client in their home, and how to deliver closings of 90% to your presentations.  
Sales Triage 
Retail Sales 
I have over 48 years experience selling on a furniture sales floor and managing professional sales and Design Consultants.  I have delivered sales       and profit records/goals this                entire time.  I know how to hire and coach consultants to be
             the best in your market.  I will deliver for you!
I have hired, managed, coached and mentored Sales Managers for the past 40 years.  These Sales Managers have helped achieve
10-50% increases in profitable sales and Client loyalty while developing their staff for sustainable sales growth.  Let me show you how!
About Frank Wentz
I have made a career in the Home Furnishings Industry for the past 48 years.  I have taken on Companies, Regions, Areas and Markets that needed overhauling and I delivered these stores from mediocrity to proud pinnacles of profitable success.  I did this through a strong commitment to standards and professional, focused training and follow up.  The focus is on precision sales techniques, team work and client services.  I have an unwavering determination toward Client Service, In Home Design, Quality Delivery Follow Up, Value Selling, Margin and Treatment.  Setting goals is paramount to the success of any organization and I lead the way.  Everyone becomes a goal setting mechanism; AND we exceed our Goal!  My exciting talks and seminars on Leadership, Selling, Self-Esteem, Goals, Strategy, Creativity and Success Psychology bring immediate changes and long-term results.  Call me for a better explanation of my selling system and let me help you and your team be the best in your markets!  While other retailers are wondering what happened, we are making things happen, taking market share and having team fun!  Get on board today!
  • Set Goals-Break Records today with my Client Focused Triage Selling System. 
  • Make In-Home Design the foundation of your business.
  • Make design and benefits the focus of your presentation, profit a "clean" word and be the last to talk about price.
  • Product Knowledge and a New Professional Triage Selling System will create better client experiences and more return clients.
  • Your clients deserve a consistent great experience.  My Triage Selling System will allow you to let your people do their job!   
                                                                                          MISSION STATEMENT

   To educate and inspire Home Furnishings Sales and Design Professionals to partner with their clients with integrity,  
    character and genuine desire to fulfill their clients wants, needs and desires.
Resume - Frank Wentz
  1. 2016 - Current
    Wentz Sales and Design Solutions - President & CEO
    Using 48 years of front line experience to create a new and fresh approach to retail selling. In-Home Design is a big part of the home furnishings experience today. Clients expect to have their room sketched 90% of the time yet they report this occurs only 5% of the time. I will help you set standards, educate your staff, follow up with the execution and assure a great client experience resulting in more return clients! I will help you increase client and employee retention and increase your market share and profits. Furniture Industry Expert.
  2. 2003 - 2016
    Tipperary Sales dba La-Z-Boy Galleries - Chief Marketing Officer
    Responsible for Sales, Margin, Design Sales, Hiring and Retention, 60 Design Consultants, 8 Interior Designers, VP of Education, VP of Marketing. Doubled Sales, 55.% Margins, year over year Sales Records, $422 sales per sq ft, In Home Design project Records, the Number 9 Sales Gallery within all of La-Z-Boy (first time ever a Southeastern Store has made the top 10). Designer was Number One in La-Z-Boy Corporate Region 13 straight years. Sales Consultant was Number One in Corporate Region 9 of 13 years and Number Two the other 4. Top Design penetration within all of La-Z-Boy. Hired my replacement and Retired.
  3. 2001 - 2003
    Leath Modern Age - Area Manager
    Eliminated One-Million dollar market loss. Re-opened non-producing store; Opened 2 new stores in a profitable market; Hired my replacement. Improved sales 20% the first year and margin by 5% while clearing out a warehouse full of old product, Hiredmy replacement.
  4. 1984 - 2000
    Rhodes Furniture - National Sales Manager- Regional Manager
    Grew 4 Store Atlanta Market to 14 in 2 years; Became National Sales Manager of 112 store Company in 12 states with 1,200 Sales Consultants. Wrote new Client and Design focused Sales program. Company grew to $650,000,000. Focused on Value selling, grew margins and helped increased treatment sales to 9% of sales. Wrote business plan for sales and stores monthly.
  5. 2016 - Current
    Gerson Lehrman Group/Council Member
    Consult with GLG Clients regarding but not limited to Retail, Retail Sales, Home Furnishings In Home Design, Retail Start up, Retail Turn Around. On site consultation/involvement.

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Educational Agenda

Sales & Design Triage

This Sales & Design Triage will improve your sales at least 20%, your margins by 3 to 5% and your Design business immearsurabably.  

During this course, your Team will learn:
  • The preparation necessary to become successful in today’s client friendly environment. 
  • How to plan and goal set for achieving success every day!  The first necessity for your consultants success.  Miss this and they may never achieve success. 
  • How to prepare your client for the need of treatment and achieve an 80% plus treatment closes for great client service.
  • The Selling Steps that will take you to a successful 40% close to your presentations.
  • How to introduce and incorporate Professional Design Techniques into your retail presentation.
  • How to increase your margin to 56%.
  • How to increase the speed at which you achieve your goals.
  • A rule of thumb for ensuring you have a competitive advantage -Follow up.
  • Your most valuable asset (it may not be what you think it is)
  • The most precious resource you have – this determines the quality of your life
  • The very worst use of your time (this may surprise you – are you wasting yours?)
        And MUCH more.

Your people don’t HAVE to learn to sell and provide good client services on the fly – I’ve already done it, and I’m inviting you to skip the costly “lessons” and lay down the foundation for early sustainable financial success!

  1. I will be on site to work with the Manager of Sales, the Owner or both to determine Successful Analytics, Top Performers (they are most likely NOT your best Design Consultants and Train the Trainer.
  2. ​Work by telephone the next 2 weeks to evaluate and discuss the Analytics we identified and each Design Consultant.
  3. I will return after the 2 weeks of telephone coaching for 4 days of education with your the staff in our Precision Selling Triage and further evaluation.
  4. I will return in 60 days for 2 days to evaluate progress, coach and make decisions for progress toward our goal.
  5. I will return in 6 months to evaluat progress, coach and make decisions for progress toward our goal.

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